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Devil's Bridge

To the South-East of Kirkby Lonsdale the magnificent “Devil’s Bridge” can be found. The bridge is believed to have been built in the 12th to 13th century, this three-arched ancient monument makes the beautiful landscape of the River Lune even more spectacular.  

At the apex of the bridge, there’s a deep impression in the stone – often referred to as the devil’s handprint. The folk tale about the handprint tells of an old woman who lived on the banks of the Lune with her animals. One night her cow strayed across the river and would not be tempted back, no matter how much she tried. The devil appeared to her, offering to build a bridge in exchange for the soul of the first body to cross it. The devil constructed the bridge with his own hands, leaving a handprint in the stone. The next day the woman met the devil at the bridge and agreed to fulfil her part of the bargain. She took a bun from her bag and threw it across the bridge, at which point her small dog raced across to retrieve it. The devil, in a fit of rage at being outwitted, howled in anger and vanished in a cloud.

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The Lake District

Within half an hour of Kirkby Lonsdale you’ll reach the Lake District, with beautiful walks, cycles paths and stunning views for a perfect day out with the family. 

Trough of Bowland
Trough Of Bowland

The Trough of Bowland is the route taken by the Pendle Witches to their trial in Lancaster Castle in 1612 and the head of the valley marks the line of the pre-1974 county line between Lancashire and West Riding of Yorkshire.

Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Courses

Kirkby Lonsdale has two available golf clubs and courses not too far away from the village itself. If you’re interested take a look at both Kirkby Lonsdale and Casterton Golf Courses.